Feverfew – Drink as a tea. Migraine formula: 3 parts feverfew, 1 part lemon balm, 1 part rosemary, 2 parts ginkgo leaves, 1 part basil. Pour +- 2 litres of hot, steaming water over 6 tablespoons of herbs and steep, covered, 5-15 minutes. Drink ½ cup every hour until symptoms subside.    Buy/view Feverfew


Lavender Headache Sachet

Equal parts lavender and cloves

Enclose in a muslin bag and inhale the vapors when a headache begins.    Buy/view Lavender


Peppermint - Analgesic Oil: 1 ½ cup well-dried peppermint, 2 cups cold-pressed olive oil Combine the 2 ingredients in a bottle or glass jar. Store away from light for 1 month and shake every 2-3 days. Strain. Use in the case of pain, headaches, intestinal or muscle cramps, by massaging or by applying a topical compress depending on the area requiring treatment. Can be kept for 1 year away from light. 

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