Angelica - Remedy for Chronic Constipation

½ cup angelica root, ¼ cup arnica root, 1 liter white wine. Mix together ½ cup angelica root and ¼ cup arnica root in 1 litre white wine and allow to soften for a week. Boil and strain. Drink a full whiskey glass of the liquid before eating.    Buy/view Angelica

Fenugreek Decoction: Take as a warming drink for menstrual pain, stomach upsets, and, if a nursing mother, to increase milk flow. Disguise the bitter taste with a little fennel.    Buy/view Fenugreek

Senna- Decoction: for constipation, steep 3-6 senna pods and 1 g fresh ginger in 1 cup freshly boiled water for 6-12 hours. Strain and drink. Infusion: for mild constipation, infuse 1-2 senna pods, 1 g fresh ginger, and 1-2 cloves in 1 cup freshly boiled water for 15 minutes. Strain and drink.    Buy/view Senna leaves          Buy/view Senna Powder