Colds and Flu

Echinacea – Echinacea activates the body’s immune system, increasing the change of fighting off any disease. Drink as a tea.    Buy/view Echinacea

Fenugreek Decoction: Take as a warming drink for menstrual pain, stomach upsets, and, if a nursing mother, to increase milk flow. Disguise the bitter taste with a little fennel.    Buy/view Fenugreek

Garlic Garlic is used both for chronic and acute diseases. It has both tonic and alterative properties. Take fresh cloves: 3-5 per day; taken raw in food, or in capsules.

Elder – Drink as a tea. Elder helps coughs, colic, sore throats, asthma and flu. A pinch of cinnamon makes the tea more warming.

Cumin - Hot cumin water is excellent for colds and fevers and is made by boiling a teaspoon of roasted seeds in 3 cups of water. Honey can be added to soothe a sore throat.