Tea Tree oil – Clean the skin and dry. Dilute the tea tree oil and let dry. Use this twice a day. First test on a small spot to make sure you do not develop a reaction to tea tree oil.

LavenderLavender Cream for Acne

50 tsp sweet almond oil               13 tsp white wax

39 tsp distilled water                   1 tsp lavender oil

¼ tsp aspic

Mix the ingredients together slowly, one at a time, in a double boiler or similar container over a low heat. When cool, pot up and label. (The Herbal Health & Beauty Book)

Calendula – Make a Calendula infusion and allow it to cool. Apply to the area with cotton swabs.

Chamomile – make a Chamomile infusion and allow it to cool. Use it as a skin wash.

Aloe – Use the gel of aloe an apply directly on the blemish spots

Nettle - Nettle leaves are a blood builder often used as a spring tonic and to treat anemia and poor circulation. They contain both iron and vitamin C. Make a poultice of cooked nettles to treat eczema and other skin conditions (combines well with figwort and burdock).     Buy/view Nettle