Eczema / Blemishes

Nettle Nettle leaves are a blood builder often used as a spring tonic and to treat anemia and poor circulation. They contain both iron and vitamin C, which aids iron absorption.  It acts as a light laxative and diuretic (possibly due to its flavonoids and high potassium content). Both a tea and a poultice of cooked nettles are used to treat eczema and other skin conditions (combines well with figwort and burdock).    Buy/view Nettle

Wormwood - An infusion of the leaves and flower tops, sweetened with honey, makes a tonic drink and can clear the blood of impurities and the skin of blemishes.   

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Watercress - Watercress is a valuable source of vitamins and a good detoxifying herbs. Its high content of vitamin C and minerals makes it a remedy that is particularly valuable for chronic illnesses. Herbalists recommend the herb for catarrh and bronchitis, and also for skin problems since it helps the body to eliminate wastes.

Complexion Milk:

Bruise a handful of the stems and leaves in a saucepan and add 275ml of water or milk. Simmer over a low flame for 10 minutes to release the juices and put in a teaspoonful of honey. When dissolved, strain into bottles. Apply to the face and neck, after removing make-up, at bedtime and let dry on. It will remove blemishes and leave the complexion soft and white.